Stories from Haiti

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Haiti is an ancient land, with a complicated past and an uncertain future. It’s full of contradictions and potentials. Full of people with nothing in their hand and a great desire for changes.

The following pictures from the Republic of Haiti show personal stories, moments and daily scenes that I chose to tell briefly because an image speaks more than many words.

Life snapshots and stories to tell collected on a trip to Haiti

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1- Teaching the history of Haiti

Two young Haitians are acting on stage a nice show about freedom

They study acting and proclaim Freedom!

2 – Slum in Port-au-Prince

Stories from Haiti: while the mother tell us her situation, the little girl plays with a little yellow duck we brought her as a present

We’re 6 or 7 in 6mq, more or less the same amount of people that sleep in this house every night. While the adults chitchat, Sephora’s daughter plays with the two Snow-White’s dwarfs we brought her as a present. But as soon the mother gives her permission to leave, she grabs them, calls her friend that has been waiting outside the door, and she gives her one dwarf. So they have one each. The most beautiful scene of the century.

3 – Afternoon entertainment

Giovani haitiani giocano con una lunga corda per saltae nel cortile della chiesa

What do teenagers need nowadays to entertain themselves? A good cocktail at the disco? A skiing holidays? The latest app on their smartphone?
Here today a jumping rope will do.

4 – Come on in!

Tap-tap, i bus locali, strapieni fino ad esplodere

It looks packed. But there’s always space for one more person!

5 – The shortcut

Storie da Haiti: L'autista fa una piccola deviazione per andare a trovare la figlia che abita lontano

The driver asks us if we could quickly drop by her daughter’s before heading back home. He doesn’t see her often because we’re about 100 km away from where he lives. And between unpaved highways, roads with no side protection facing high cliffs and lack of traffic lights, it takes about 4 hours to drive down here.
Of course, you can visit your daughter! Take your time! We wait for you here outside in the forest playing with your pick-up!

6 – The street market

Giornata di mercato a Port-au-Prince, tra spazzatua e baracchini di frutta

In Port-Au-Prince rubbish collection is a complicated deal. When it rains the situation gets worse. And if it’s market day… Well, no, if it’s market day we do the market ignoring the pile of rubbish next to the sellers.

7 – Life in the countryside

Le storie di una famiglia allargata ci portano alle baracche nella campagna di Haiti, tra immondizia e una vecchia cisterna.

Verlantzia lives in one of this houses, a 10 minutes walk from the main road that crosses the village. There’s no electricity here, but at least there’s a water cistern that collects rain water. When it doesn’t rain for a long time, though, they have to walk to the river to get the water, and it’s one hour walk.

8 – The boss

The Lady fa le coccole a Zeus, il pappagallo di casa

Hello, Zeus! You’re nice, when you don’t bite!

9 – Hand-made train

Storie da Haiti: piedini di un bimbo nella strada polverosa con accanto il suo trenino fatto in casa con pezi di plastica reciclata

I took this picture while hiding. If they see you with the camera in your hand they will pose and then ask you to see the result. And then pose again. And see the picture. And pose. And see. It’s a never ending loop.
I’d like to know to whom these feet belong, because sadly I really don’t remember his face.

10 – I trumpets

Foto in bianco e nero di giovani musicisti in giacca e cravatta alle prese con le trombe

Music class in the local church. But all suited up because there are the white guests here to listen to our trumpets!!

11 – Yes Sir!

Guardia armata all'entrata del cancello di un Hotel fa segno di apettare

He says to wait. I wait. You can take your finger off the trigger, I won’t move until you say so!

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All the images in this page are owned by the author and therefore protected by copyright.
Some can be bought on
Shutterstock and Dreamstime.

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    • The Lady

      I’m not surprised: it’s definitely not a typical tourism destination!!

    • The Lady

      Thank you! I hope to pubhish even more. I have so many more pictures to share!!

    • The Lady

      They don’t need much to play with, do they? 🙂 Handy little ones….

  1. Sandra Ans

    This was a very interesting post, not like the other ones… it was different and with a touch of most sensitive emotions… and I liked that! Whit those symbolic pictures and small facts I can really imagine their lives, their days and their relationship. But the story about Sephora’s daughter touched me the most!

    • The Lady

      Thanks Sandra! Pictures can say so much more than words! I like using them to tell stories 🙂 If you liked these stories, I have few more posts like this one. Just search for “stories” and you’ll find them. Maybe you’ll like them more than “the other ones” 😉 Thank you for reading!!

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