Rossana & Ruymán in Uganda

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ThatLadyFromEurope is proud to support Rossana&Ruymán’s volunteering trip to Uganda!!

Join us in filling a 23kg bag of goods to donate to our chosen projects!!
Click the PayPal link below!

Banner for the Uganda volunteering trip fundrasing


Uganda, mainly Masindi and Mbale, with some touristing detour here and there.

Hand made map of Uganda


7 November – 17 December 2019

Calendar of Rossana and Ruyman trip to Uganda


We are going to join 2 local projects and try to be useful to them!

Denis is the team leader of an awesome project near Masindi, in Western Uganda.
“The NGO aims to increase access to opportunities to needy and disadvantaged children, youth and women”. The project includes a primary school, a child care plan for especially needy children and their families, a training program for women to reach financial literacy and independence, a craft skill centre for youth and women, water- sanitation-hygiene project for the community and more.

Rechael runs another awesome project near Mbale. With her husband Moses, she helps children in need, taking them from dangerous and precarious situations, into a safe house where she cares for them 24/7. She currently hosts 8 children between 4 and 12 years old.
She says: “The purpose of this organization is to improve the quality of life for these children as well as provide the nourishment and support needed for them to reach their full potential. We work to find children from the local villages who have been abandoned or orphaned and are living in poor conditions. We try to bring these children into our home and give them clothes, food, security, education, and love.”

How can you help?

Based on the projects’ needs, we are going to (try to) collect some items to donate. An update on the collecting process will come as often as possible!

This is the list:

Wish list with updated status of Rossana and Ruyman 's collected items to bring to Uganda
–> RAISED SO FAR: 1.030 € <–

You can help us providing some of the items listed above. There’s a spare 23Kg suitcase ready to be filled in with as much stuff as possible!
–> get in contact with us!

You can also contribute donating money that will be used to collect these items (or other priorities discovered when in Uganda) either prior or during the volunteering trip.
Get in contact with us or –> donate via PayPal!

  • Donate 1 € (or more!) – You have our unconditional gratitude for participating in this initiative!
  • Donate at least 10 € – We’ll send you a personalized thank-you picture from Africa (make sure we have your e-mail address)
  • Donate at least 50 – We’ll get you an African souvenir (face-to-face delivery only! If we can’t meet up easily after the trip, sadly this option is not for you) + a personalized thank-you picture from Africa (make sure we have your e-mail address)
  • Donate at least 100 € – We’ll get you an African souvenir (we can ship it to you!) + a personalized thank-you picture from Africa (make sure we have both your home and e-mail addresses)
PayPal link to support Rossana & Ruyman 's trip to Uganda

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