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Casa Rural Amparo
(Las Hayas, La Gomera,
Canary Islands, Spain)

Guest posts

The Lady likes guest posts and group posts, as far as themes, contents and style are coherent with That Lady From Europe.

[Italian only] One of the most intense experiences of my life: a volunteering trip to the Philippines that included meeting “my” sponsored child! This and other stories hosted by Mente in Viaggio.

[Italian only] On Nonni Avventura I tell about that time I climbed the Kilimanjaro and I had to face AMS, acute mountain sickness. There also other tales from Asia and South America!

Immagine Pinterest: Sul blog nonniavventura.it si parla di mal di montagna . ThatLadyFromEurope racconta della sua esperienza durante la scalata in alta quota del Kilimangiato

[Italian only] Mente in Viaggio presenta tutte e otto le isole Canarie. Io ho parlato di El Hierro, una della più piccole, dichiarata interamente Riserva della Biosfera dall’UNESCO e interessantissima per chi ama le immersioni!

Immagine Pinterest: 8 isole Canarie

[Italian only] On Viaggiare Liberi, the Italian Intermundial travel blog, we’re talking about post-holiday stress. The Lady tells you her tricks to fight it!

Immagine Pinterest: Collaborazione con Intermundial. Post di gruppo sulla depressione post-vacanza.

The Lady tells stories and talks about herself

Interviews, chitchats, stories and photographs about volunteering travels, expat life, passion for unusual destinations and all that The Lady shares every day on That Lady from Europe.

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[Italian only]Expat in Belgium: 10 cities, 5 countries“. The Lady on 50 Sfumature di Viaggio, on the road travel blog.

Pinterest image: collaboration and interview on "50 sfumature di viaggio". Expat life, travels and blogging.

[Italian only] On Rolling Pandas we talk about volunteering and volunteering trips: the highlights of That Lady from Europe!

Pinterest image: interview and collaboration with Rolling Pandas. Volunteering travels and travel blog.

[Italian only] “Living abroad as a life style”. The Lady on Eli Loves Travelling, lifestyle and travel blog, by Elisa Ruggieri.

Pinterest image: Interview about living abroad on "Eli Loves Travelling"