That Lady from Europe was born two years after the following conversation:

– Do you like your job?
– Yes, very much.
– Would you do it for free?
– Mmmmhh….
– What would you do for free?
– Travelling.

Here I am: Rossana, Italian expat since 2010, in a  season of life when my friends are multiplying themselves into big families, I open a blog and get ready to my next move abroad. I lived in 11 cities, 5 nations, I studied 7 languages of which only one and a half are currently still fluent. I’m the proud auntie of two baby wonders and I keep high the stress of my mum, who dreamed for me a stable job close to home.
I travel, read, drink coffee and take pictures that sometimes I also publish.

My ideal journey it’s the volunteering journey. Or social, or cooperative, responsible, charitable, missionary or however you want to call it. The one kind when you go to give a hand to those that ask for it, finding out how to offer your drop of help in a sea of need.

My dream is to collect passports and fill them with stamps.