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AMS: Acute Mountain Sickness

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What is Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) ? Acute Mountain Sickness (or AMS) is a serious health condition. It’s cause by the lack of body adaptation to the rapid exposure of higher altitudes, where... READ MORE

Beguinages in north Europe

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A beguinage (from the French béguinage) is an architectural complex which was housing beguines. They were mainly built in Flanders and the Netherlands, but there are few in North-East France and North-West Germany.... READ MORE

Packing for Africa

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I’m packing for Africa again.This time it’s going to be for 40 days in Uganda with many different activities planned. Once again I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to need and... READ MORE

Volunteering: passion or business?

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My past volunteering experiences have always been with organizations I either knew myself or I had good connections with. They were NGO, missionaries or even simple group of friends that had won my... READ MORE

Stories from Haiti

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Haiti is an ancient land, with a complicated past and an uncertain future. It’s full of contradictions and potentials. Full of people with nothing in their hand and a great desire for changes.... READ MORE