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Volunteering: passion or business?

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My past volunteering experiences have always been with organizations I either knew myself or I had good connections with. They were NGO, missionaries or even simple group of friends that had won my... READ MORE

Stories from Haiti

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Haiti is an ancient land, with a complicated past and an uncertain future. It’s full of contradictions and potentials. Full of people with nothing in their hand and a great desire for changes.... READ MORE

Packing list to climb Kilimanjaro

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One of the most common question people ask, when organizing climbing Kilimanjaro, concerns the luggage. “What should I pack? Will I miss something? What is necessary and what is not? Is this too... READ MORE

Book Review: Kon-Tiki (T. Heyerdahl)

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Kon-Tiki tells the incredible adventure of how Thor Heyerdahl demonstrated the possible connection between the pre-Inca and the Polynesian civilisations, crossing the Pacific Ocean with 5 men on a balsa log raft. Besides... READ MORE